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Addressing issues of child custody during your divorce

On Behalf of | Sep 28, 2022 | Child Support, Divorce, Parental Rights & Responsibilities |

When a married couple is going through a divorce in Vermont, it can seem like the number of legal issues that need to be addressed can pile up quickly. However, in most cases, the issues boil down to property and debt division, alimony and issues involving children. If you have children, supporting and taking care of them can sometimes be the trickiest issues to resolve.

In Vermont, child custody is known as “parental rights and responsibilities” for divorcing and unmarried parents who are separating. A divorce is a life-changing event, for the parents and the kids alike, and the different terminology and the entire divorce process can be confusing and hard.

Child custody: Parental rights and responsibilities

All parents want is what is best for their children. But in the midst of a divorce, the parents may not agree on what that is. Attempting to determine who will have legal or physical custody, and who will pay child support, can lead to resentment and anger for the parents. Sometimes, divorcing spouses need to get creative in their attempts to address their rights and responsibilities as parents.

Mediation, for example, can be a very useful option for many divorcing spouses. In mediation, a neutral third party will work with the soon-to-be ex-spouses to attempt to find solutions that work for all involved. If the parents can put the children’s needs first, mediation can often be a successful route for addressing your child’s needs.

You don’t have to face the troubling issues of divorce, property division, support and custody alone. Seek the help of a legal professional.