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Keep Family Law Matters In The Family Through Mediation

Regardless of your different viewpoints on what is right and fair, you and the other party in your family law case – your spouse or your child’s other parent – know your personal circumstances better than anyone else. The two of you are in the best position to reach solutions that work best for everyone.

The mediation process allows you to choose your own path to resolution. The Law Office of Amy K. Butler is a valuable resource ready to guide you along a less rocky road to divorce or a child custody arrangement. I am family law attorney Amy K. Butler, an advocate and adviser focused sincerely on my clients’ well-being and desirable outcomes. I represent clients during the mediation process.

About Mediation

In mediation, you and the other person will arrive at decisions for your family law choices with the help of a neutral mediator. With mediation, your family matters remain private, including who gets which assets. The two of you can set the schedule for your mediation sessions rather than getting delayed by the court’s calendar.

Once you reach a mediated agreement for your divorce, property division and parental rights and responsibilities issues, a final version will be presented to a family law court and applied to your divorce decree or parenting order.

I can represent you during mediation, which is conducted by a neutral person who does not represent either side. Each of you may bring your own lawyer, and I have experience guiding clients through this process. You can count on me to advise you every step of the way, helping you reach a result that is best for you and your children.

If You Seek A Dignified, Reasonable Approach

My experience and personalized family law counsel can be assets for you as you go through the family law mediation sessions. To discuss your options, schedule a consultation by contacting me online. You may all call me at 802-858-8152. I look forward to hearing from you.