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Personal and Professional Legal Services in the Heart of Vermont

Splitting Assets During Your Divorce

One of the most contentious parts of divorce is the property division process. At The Law Office of Amy K. Butler, Esquire, PLLC, I help clients throughout Vermont with all aspects of their divorce. No matter what assets you have in your marriage, I can help you keep your equitable share. As an experienced divorce lawyer, I will help you protect your assets and focus on your future.

How Vermont Courts Divide Assets

Vermont courts use a property division method known as “equitable distribution.” This means that your assets will be split between the two of you based on what a judge thinks is equitable, rather than 50/50. As your legal representative throughout the divorce process, I will present the facts to help a judge equitably split complex assets like:

  • Your home
  • Other real estate you own
  • Debt
  • Retirement accounts
  • Investments

Mediation offers another way to divide property and handle other aspects of a divorce faster and with more control than litigation. I represent clients as they mediate their disputes with the help of a neutral person, outside of the courtroom.

Whether you are trying to work together to resolve your divorce, or you need to take matters to court, I can help protect you, your legal and physical parental rights and responsibilities and your assets throughout the process.

Helping You Get A Divorce On Your Terms

If you are looking to keep your share in your divorce, make sure you have a skilled divorce attorney at your side to help you. Contact my office in Montpelier to schedule your initial consultation by filling out this simple online form for fastest service. You may also call me at 802-858-8152. The sooner you contact, the sooner I can start helping you.