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Protecting Your Rights And Responsibilities As A Parent

While going through a divorce, one of the biggest concerns for a parent is often the outcome of the court’s parental rights and responsibilities (PR&R) order. PR&R is often referred to as child custody outside of Vermont. To help you secure the outcome you are looking for, you need the help of a skilled family law attorney.

At The Law Office of Amy K. Butler, Esquire, PLLC, I help clients and their families through the challenges of divorce from my office in Montpelier. I know what kind of impact these cases can have on your future and your children. I am committed to helping all my clients seek the ideal outcome in their cases.

Parents Have Two Types Of Rights And Responsibilities

Some parents are surprised to learn that there are two distinct types of rights and responsibilities they need to consider in these cases: legal and physical. Legal rights and responsibilities are for making major decisions for the child, such as medical and education choices. Normally, the court prefers that legal rights and responsibilities are shared with both parents but will award to one or the other if the parents cannot agree.

Physical rights and responsibilities refer to where the child will live and are subject to the schedule the parents establish during their divorce (or separation when the parents are unmarried.) The schedule you create determines your “parent-child contact,” which many call visitation. Parent-child contact is not dependent on child support.

My goal is to help you obtain the arrangement you are looking for as easily as possible. As your lawyer, I can guide you through the mediation process, which can offer faster and simpler solutions, but only if both parents are willing to work together. A court cannot force you to share a PR&R arrangement, but it can force a decision and pick one parent over the other.

Helping Your Family Through This Transition

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