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How can you emotionally prepare and get through your divorce?

On Behalf of | Jul 21, 2023 | Divorce, Family Law |

The range of emotions associated with divorce can arguably be a league of its own. It often runs the whole gamut of intense feelings. But even before you take on the emotional rollercoaster, fear strikes first. You fear all uncertainties – how you’ll handle the overwhelming changes, how your fragile child would possibly understand, how your finances will survive and what the future holds for your family.

But fear not, for the irony of divorce is its capacity to also awaken and bring out a kind of strength and power you never thought you had.

Navigating through an emotional roadmap

Before facing the legal battle of your Vermont divorce, you must make your way through the following emotional stages with corresponding coping tips:

  • Grieve: The moment you acknowledge the disintegration of your marriage is exactly how healing begins. Allow yourself to cry as you deal with this loss. But after shedding tears, a healthy approach recognizes the peace after the pain.
  • Externalize: Find outlets where you can sufficiently express or communicate all your bottled-up feelings. You may meditate, learn a new skill, reconnect with family and friends, or explore exciting adventures and hobbies. Soon, you may realize that manifesting your feelings into tangible actions eases your internal struggles.
  • Prioritize: Your child is equally affected by this chaos. You must also accommodate their emotions while fulfilling your parental responsibilities according to their best interests. You can establish some stability for your child by doing familiar routines together – answering homework, eating out or watching a movie.
  • Compartmentalize: As emotionally draining as your situation is, unfortunately, there are other significant matters you must address, like your finances. You must develop a strategic plan of action to be financially secure by considering your assets and how you can potentially increase your income in anticipation of the expenses related to divorce proceedings.

These emotional stages are often not straightforward. Sometimes, you may feel like your entire world’s collapsing everywhere you look and feel completely lost. Meanwhile, there are also good days when you’re able to see hope and productivity. Both instances are valid and can only be progress in the process.

This is not a one-man journey

Waiting at the emotional finish line is relief and optimism that you’d rather not stay in a broken marriage. Once you’ve entirely accepted your decision and identified all relevant factors, emotional and financial support systems may not be enough for rebuilding. You’d also need a solid legal team to be your advocate and guide through the legal complexities and negotiations ahead.