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Can my lawyer help me if my spouse demands mediation?

On Behalf of | Oct 4, 2023 | Mediation |

When your soon-to-be ex or your child’s other parent wants to seek mediation to resolve divorce issues, your lawyer can put your mind at ease and help you through the process.

While mediation rules may seem easy to understand, there may still be specific legal concerns you may be unsure how to address. Your lawyer can clarify your doubts, making them a valuable resource.

Why do you need a lawyer during mediation?

Choosing which lawyer to entrust your mediated family situation requires thorough consideration. They must recognize the approach’s value to your circumstances. They must also champion a positive outlook on compromises when negotiating settlements. Representing previous clients also says a lot about the depth of their experience.

Once you have picked a legal counsel, you must work on setting expectations and discussing the extent of their role. Doing so allows them to assist you in the following ways:

  • Present and weigh the consequences of your decisions
  • Evaluate if terms are fair and reasonable, and suggest which parts may be strategic to revise or remove altogether
  • Coordinate with the other party’s lawyer and the neutral mediator about possible changes to protect your rights

Further, your lawyer can help you finalize the mediated agreement for court submission. Ultimately, securing a Vermont mediation lawyer means having an advocate for your and your child’s best interests.

How can your lawyer move the divorce forward?

Mediation is often a straightforward dispute resolution method because it does not necessitate court proceedings. However, there may still be matters, such as property division, that may be too complex without legal aid. Thus, it will still be valuable to have a competent representative willing to move the process forward and see it through to the end through reliable legal advice.